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Made In Clarkdale

"Made In Clarkale" is an annual show put on by the budding and seasoned artists who live or work in Clarkdale, Arizona. I have been heavily involved in the show since 2003. The gala opening is always the first Friday of every December at the Clark Memorial Club House. So come see me! As with all my other pages, I still have a lot of photos to enter so keep checking back.

Made In Clarkdale 2008

Fairy Wings Display
I made the wings on these wire fairys made by Laura and Lee Dorris. A very fun colaboration.

Chains and Things wall
Here is "Chains and Things" under the painting by my friend Laura Dodds-Dorris.
Moths and Dragonflies Display
This display worked great for my glittered dragonflies and moths.
Winged Escape Wall
Here's "Winged Escape" with other organic artworks.
Made In Clarkdale 2007 coming soon...    

Made In Clarkdale 2006

Girly Things Wall
"Girly Things" Wall •SOLD•

Flying Sea Creature Wall
"Flying Sea Creature" Display •SOLD•
Sophisticats Wall" Sophisticats" Wall •SOLD•
Fantasy Film Roses Display
Fantasy Film Roses Display

Made In Clarkdale 2005

"Cat House"

"Medusa" and "Jambi"

Medusa and Jambi wall with some more painting to the left by Laura Dorris.

Fantasy Film Butterflies and Roses Display
Made In Clarkdale 2004 to come...

Made In Clarkdale 2003

Spherical Sanctuary Wall
"Spherical Sanctuary"

Bright Light Wall
"Bright Light" Wall with the mylar musings by Michael Turner.
Photos Wall
These walls have 3 of my photos. In the upper right is "Momo Cubed" and the two on the bottom left are "Screened Soles" and "Brittle Blanket"

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