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About Emily M. Miller

Art was my only passion in High School.  I dreamed of going to the Chicago Institute of Art, but reality left me at Casper College in Wyoming.  I earned an associate degree in Commercial Art, and later graduated with an Art Education Bachelor Degree from the University of Wyoming.

My last semester, I majored in Photography at a Community College in Powell, Wyoming. There, I discovered how to really use my camera, and how creative I could be in the dark room.

I’ve had several careers since then, became reacquainted with the world of photography and then dug back into collage work. My favorite medium at the moment is fantasy film. I love it! I became familiar with it at my job at Art Institute Glitter, Inc. a glitter manufacturing company in Cottonwood, Arizona.  I have learned here how artistic the craft world has become.

I get to show my work once a year at the “Made In Clarkdale” show. It is a shear joy to be part of this organization and work with other artists in my community to put on this fantastic show every December.

Just a short time ago my main scope of work was still photography. Although I use a digital camera a lot now, I still hang on to my 35 mm and will never let go of it. I hope you share in my sense of finding perfect compositions in natural settings, and some not so natural settings.

Below these photos are links to my work website, my family website and the P.E.O. website. Please click on the photos to check these websites out too.


A family portrait.
Christmas Family

Me in my yard.
My good friend and fellow artist, Bung.
Me and Bung
Check out Art Institute Glitter. I have been doing web design there for three years. I really enjoy setting up and taking project and product photos. This is fantastic stuff!
Art Inst. Glitter
Here's my first site. It is done in TriPod so it takes a long time for the photos to load. Enjoy anyway.
Woody n Buzz
P.E.O. is an organization of women supporting women for education and life. If you know of any woman needing a loan or a grant, please contact me through the email link below.
P.E.O. Logo

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